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480 Watt QB288

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Quantum Boards

The QB288 with Samsung LM301B is the best LED technology available to growers today

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CREE Lights

Citizen CLU048 CREE Light's are compact, high power and scaleable. Availble for order now

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LED Strips

Using the LM301B LED Strips, you can build your own lights easily and shape it how you like

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Advantagesof using LED Technology

LED Technology has been around for decades, but only recently have we been able to use is for growing plants. With current LM301B diodes from Samsung you can now get better results than with HPS or CMH Bulbs

Less Power Used
Low Heat Design
Wider Spread

Current Pricing

We have 2 types of kits in stock, and 2 more available for order. It takes approx 10 days for out of stock items to arrive

Twin Panel Kit

$499 AUD

  • 240 Watts Dimmable
  • 640mm x 200mm
  • Accessories Included

Three Panel Kit

$749 AUD

  • 320 Watts Dimmable
  • 940mm x 200mm
  • Accessories Included

Four Panel Kit

$999 AUD

  • 480 Watts Dimmable
  • 500mm x 660mm
  • Accessories Included

Custom Order

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  • Quantum Board Kits
  • COB / Cree Kits
  • LED Strip Kits
  • Spare Parts
  • Bulk Discounts

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